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Yin Yoga

is a slow paced practice using long held specific yoga poses that exert positive stress on subtle tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascia).

Hatha Flow Yoga

blends the movement of Vinyasa yoga and the alignment of Hatha Yoga for a playful and balanced practice to keep you fit, flexible and focused.


 I offer many styles of massage to assist in relief of tension and dysfunction including Therapeutic Massage, Hot Stone, Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Relaxation.

Bowen Therapy

uses a Myofascial release technique to release adhesions in the connective tissue around the muscles and body

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle therapy that follows and assists the flow of cerebralspinal fluid in the central nervous system enhancing the body’s ability to heal and repair

Let Me Yin

A Facebook Group page offering a live Yin yoga class and a flow session each week plus bonuses breath and meditations.

Its FREE!!!!!!!

Ganesh Refresh

is a movement to help the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) in Northern Thailand


We offer retreats throughout the year please check out our Services page for more information

Yoga Classes

Let Me Yin Vitrual Classes

Tuesday | Thursdays

Ganesh Refresh

Wednesdays 9.15am at Nourish Yoga Studio, Whangamata.

 Yoga Classes in Studio 

Various styles.

Monday |Tuesday | Wed | Thursday


Why Choose Emma

I have a passion for learning and am continually amazed at the incredible wisdom of the body. I found yoga and eventually practised and studied with a teacher for many years before exploring other styles. It was during this time I started to develop a desire to learn more about the workings of the body..and so my formal study began and continues.


I have been practising Yoga for 25 years and have been privileged to practice with and learn from some incredible yoga teachers. I’ve tried many styles of Yoga and found myself inspired to learn and teach Yin Yoga and Hatha Flow Yoga. These are both very different styles but very complementary to each other in their Yin and Yang natures, and we should aim to find a balance between both.


I’ve realised that many people attend yoga classes and often come away feeling intimidated and unheard and even injured, this saddened me as I know Yoga can and should be made accessible to every BODY. It should be a practice that is healing and nurturing even when we are doing a practice that may be challenging us on many levels – MIND.BODY.SOUL.

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We are located 

Whangamata, New Zealand

Yoga Retreats

I believe that yoga is for every body and everyone, which is why all levels of practice are welcome in my classes and retreats.

Ethical Tourism Retreats

Our borders may be closed, but we are still planning to bring you in the future Eco-Tourism Retreats, which will benefit body and soul.

Support The Elephants

My heart sits with the Elephants, but I also use my journey here; talent, skills, and passion for benefiting all animals.

Incredible instruction making the class well worth your time. Emma adds the tips to get the most out of each stretch without harming yourself. She is amazing.


Jennifer Badiuk

Emma has a natural grace and deep understanding of the body and yoga.


Carolyn McCormack

Emma is an incredible yoga teacher and massage therapist. She is well educated and passionate about all that she does. Emma has been a huge part in keeping my ‘mind and body in check’ for many years now 😊 A true master in her craft. Thoroughly recommend her

Nic Riordan

I’ve had the pleasure of being taught yoga by Emma and receiving one of her craniosacral treatment. Emma has such a depth of knowledge about the mind, body and soul connection and has a fabulous way of weaving these together during a yoga practice. Her yoga classes and treatments are like no other and are a must!!! Do yourself a favour and book in for an online yoga class or treatment - you’ll not regret it!!

Stana Moes

Thank You Emma for treating our dogs with Bowen Therapy. Our Airedale Jack had spondylitis and Emma provided relief, both dogs reacted positively when they arrived at Emma’s practice - so that’s always a good sign that something is working. I also received Bowen treatment from Emma - highly knowledgeable, everything seems to come from her heart and we totally trust her experience and skill.

Jasper MacIntyre