Yoga Classes

Online or in-person yoga classes

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced practice using long-held specific yoga poses that exert positive stress on subtle tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascia). This, in turn, initiates the body’s repair response, leading to stronger, healthier and more supple tissue and a calmer central nervous system. We invite breath and mindfulness practice to heal the body on all levels. It is suitable for all bodies and yoga levels. 

Slow Flow to Yin

This class starts with movement to open and release tension in your body and moves into long luxurious yin poses to unravel stress and strains. We connect deeply to the breath inviting healing to the mind and body.

Pilates – Beginners

The majority of Pilates classes focus on precise, intentional, slow movements. During class, it is important to breathe deeply and slowly while carrying out each movement with proper form. It may feel awkward at first, but with enough practice, proper breathing will become second nature.

Cost: Private or small groups (up to 4ppl) available in person $80p/h (up to 4ppl) or larger groups by arrangement or ZOOM.  

SLOW FLOW TO YIN – Monday 5.30pm. This class is also available as a Zoom class, please contact Emma for the link.

PURE YIN – Wednesday 9.15am to 10.15am

PILATES – Thursday 10.30am. Beginners. 

All classes at Nourish Yoga Studio, 429 Port Road, Whangamata.

Chair Rehab Yoga

Hatha style Yoga using chair and wall support. Blends the breath movement of Vinyasa yoga and the alignment of Hatha Yoga. This class allows movement even when the body is in recovery or injured or floor style classes are not accessible to you.

Private classes available in person or Via ZOOM.


Nourish Yoga Studio Whangamata.

Wednesday 10.30am

Let Me Yin

Let Me Yin is an online group (Facebook) and its FREE so everyone can enjoy the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Join the Facebook group here for days and times of classes.


I teach Flow Yoga suitable for all. Flow classes help bring movement into the body to open, strengthen and release tension and work towards improving our range of motion.

I also occasionally add pop-up tutorials (usually Saturday or Sundays) on meditation and Pranayama (Yogic breath technique) throughout the weeks to teach you how you can help your body heal and calm using these age-old skills.

FREE!!!!! Awesome aye.


 Ganesh Refresh

Ganesh Refresh.  All proceeds from this yoga class go to the Elephant Nature Park  in Northern Thailand. It is now an in studio class.

Please contact me for information on this class and information about Elephant Nature Park. I hope to travel back again in the future and once again take people with me to experience the volunteer programs available, its the most wonderful experience.

Cost: Ganesh Refresh is a donation based class, see more details here

This class is currently my 9.15am Wednesday class in studio. All my profit for this class is donated to ENP.


Emma Scott yoga

Inner Sense Retreats

Women’s Yoga Retreats

Inner Sense Yoga Retreats are small boutique yoga retreats that offer women
over 40yrs an opportunity to enjoy accessible yoga.